Q. What is DigiSevak?

Ans. DigiSevak is an online volunteering platform that connects the young and enthusiastic volunteers to the ministries and government organizations that have certain tasks to be completed. This platform provides end-to- end execution of a volunteering task right from the task creation to the task submission & evaluation by the task owner.

Q. What are the natures of the volunteering tasks listed in DigiSevak?

Ans. The volunteering tasks can be of different natures. A few examples are :
  • Awareness Creation
  • Data Collection
  • Training
  • Event Participation

Q. What is the duration of the DigiSevak programme?

Ans. To start with, there is no duration of the DigiSevak programme. Once registered, a volunteer can continue as long as she/he wants. If there is any change in this policy, all volunteers would be informed.

Q. Who can become a volunteer with DigiSevak?

Ans. Anybody from any part of the world can become a volunteer with DigiSevak. However, task owners look for the below criterions before assigning any responsibility:
  • Must have strong organisational skills and written communication skills.
  • Should be a person of exemplary conduct.
  • Must possess basic IT literacy skills like using email, MS Office, and surfing the internet.
  • Should have knowledge about social media and smartphone usage.

Q. Is there any monetary benefit for the volunteers of DigiSevak?

Ans. No. However, there is a reward point system. Once the reward points reach a certain count, those points can be redeemed against some rewards such as digital certificates, digital badges and other goodies.

Q. Is DigiSevak a Government initiative?

Ans. Yes. DigiSevak is an initiative under the Digital India programme, conceptualized by National e-Governance Division (NeGD), under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Q. I am a private organization. Can I use DigiSevak to find volunteers?

Ans. No. DigiSevak is an online volunteering platform.

Q. I am a government organization. Can I use DigiSevak to find volunteers?

Ans. Yes. To start with, you can register/login as Ministry/Government Organisation here : http://digisevak.in/ministry . Once done, you can add tasks you want to accomplish with DigiSevak.

Q. Who will be the owner of the assignments or tasks submitted?

Ans. Once submitted the volunteers will lose the right on the write-up and the task-owner will have full right.

Q. As a volunteer with DigiSevak, can I share my experiences with other?

Ans. Of course. DigiSevak is a completely transparent portal and we welcome any sort of feedback or criticism. You can also opt for peer views, wherein, you can share your experiences with your friends via email or simply to your DigiSevak buddies.