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DigiSevak connects citizens with government to volunteer for various Digital India activities by Ministries and agencies of government. The platform offers a system for end to end management of volunteering activities.

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Latest Tasks

Register as volunteer for ICEGOV-2017 conference, 7-9 March 2017, New Delhi

Register as volunteer for ICEGOV-2017 confere..

Share your personal experience with Digital India university workshop

Share your personal experience with Digital I..

To inspire at least 5 new persons to become Digital India Volunteers(DigiSevak)

To inspire at least 5 new persons to become D..

  • To contribute to the success of Digital India program
  • Broaden your understanding of Digital India program
  • Develop skills and interests by undertaking specific tasks
  • Digitally Empower people around you
  • Meet new people and widen your social circle
  • Rewards and recognition for work
  • Data Collection

    • Status of e services in locality
    • Process for availing e services
    • Status of ICT infrastructure
    • Status of Digital Training in locality
  • Interview

    • Stories of people transforming their lives through digital tools and programs
    • Local government officials doing outstanding work for Digital India projects
    • Feedback on the quality of e services in locality
  • Communication

    • Inform people about new services under Digital India program
    • Inform people about process of availing e services
    • Inform people about their rights on Digital Services
  • IT and Computing

    • Write codes for web pages
    • Test web pages
    • Review websites for bugs
  • Graphic Design

    • Design web pages
    • Design creatives for government websites
    • Design infographics for webpages
    • Design e books for government departments and agencies
  • Awareness Raising

    • Participate in Digital India activities in locality like rural outreach
    • Increase awareness about specific products of Digital India
  • Writing/Editing

    • Technical writing
    • Content for webpages
    • Reports for events and seminars
    • Translation of digital content preferably in Indian languages
  • Counselling

    • Online registration of grievances
    • Online filing of RTI application
    • Online weather information
    • Online mandi prices
    • Online status of nearby service availability

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