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DigiSevak connects citizens with government to volunteer for various Digital India activities by Ministries and agencies of government. The platform offers a system for end to end management of volunteering activities.

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Design Logo

Design Logo

Study on Skill Development for Tribal Youth

Study on Skill Development for Tribal Youth

Request to share ideas on Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) to be hosted in India

Request to share ideas on Global Conference o..

  • To contribute to the success of Digital India program
  • Broaden your understanding of Digital India program
  • Develop skills and interests by undertaking specific tasks
  • Digitally Empower people around you
  • Meet new people and widen your social circle
  • Rewards and recognition for work
  • Data Collection

    • Status of e services in locality
    • Process for availing e services
    • Status of ICT infrastructure
    • Status of Digital Training in locality
  • Interview

    • Stories of people transforming their lives through digital tools and programs
    • Local government officials doing outstanding work for Digital India projects
    • Feedback on the quality of e services in locality
  • Communication

    • Inform people about new services under Digital India program
    • Inform people about process of availing e services
    • Inform people about their rights on Digital Services
  • IT and Computing

    • Write codes for web pages
    • Test web pages
    • Review websites for bugs
  • Graphic Design

    • Design web pages
    • Design creatives for government websites
    • Design infographics for webpages
    • Design e books for government departments and agencies
  • Awareness Raising

    • Participate in Digital India activities in locality like rural outreach
    • Increase awareness about specific products of Digital India
  • Writing/Editing

    • Technical writing
    • Content for webpages
    • Reports for events and seminars
    • Translation of digital content preferably in Indian languages
  • Counselling

    • Online registration of grievances
    • Online filing of RTI application
    • Online weather information
    • Online mandi prices
    • Online status of nearby service availability